Relaxo Leather Chair

Relaxo Leather Chair



The Relaxo Leather Chair has a soft, relaxed aesthetic, a sturdy, low timber base crafted from solid american sustainable oak, teamed with a simple, futon-like soft leather cushion. The cover is removable for easy cleaning, whilst the seat is webbed with woven seatbelts.


Crafted from aniline leather and made from the highest quality rawhides, this not only makes it an incredibly soft surface for sitting, but also retains the leather's natural surface (with all its blemishes), making each piece unique and adding charm and individuality. An occasional chair for any occasion.


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  • Depth : 78cm
  • Height : 75
  • Width : 60
  • Weight : 18.3kg



Care instructions

Clean any spills immediately using a clean and dry soft white cloth to absorb the liquid. Then use lukewarm water and wring out a soft clean cloth (and mild soap if required – 3-5% solution). Dab the stain, then use only a wrung-out cloth to remove excess soap.


Use of a leather protection cream is recommended.  This water-based protection product (see final image) works by placing an invisible, breathable barrier between you and your furniture. It also helps to prevent soiling and guards your furniture from water, oil and alcohol-based stains. No product can provide 100% protection, but Leather Protection Cream prevents the majority of soiling and stains, and makes those stains that do occur easier to remove. Be sure to apply evenly as not to darken spots. Find it at