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Two icons of Made in Italy meet to celebrate the beauty of the Italian coffee ritual. This is how Moka Express Bialetti Dolce & Gabbana was born: a colourfully designed coffee maker (display only), full of symbols that express the wonder and artistry of craftsmanship.


Folklore elements of the island, such as the Sicilian horse-drawn cart, have always been at the core of Dolce & Gabbana’s aesthetic style and artistic production, as they skilfully transferred these decorative motifs into their clothing, accessories and now the original Moka Express Bialetti. And just as each Dolce & Gabbana outfit hides the secrets of an artisan craft in which expert hands create uniqueness, so too does each Moka Express Bialetti carry its own story of quality, tradition, innovation and, above all, passion.


Showcase the artistry of Italian icons Bialetti and Dolce & Gabbana. An eye-catching statement piece, this large espresso pot is crafted of durable aluminum with vibrant enameled motifs. Display the Italian-made pot in the kitchen or dining room – or give it to your favorite caffeine connoisseur.

Combines iconic Bialetti silhouette with Dolce & Gabbana design.

For decorative use; not food-safe.

Made in Italy.

DOLCE & GABBANA + Bialetti - Display Moka

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